About Us

About us

The professional people behind On Target Healthcare and Diagnostics Inc. (On Target or the Company), ensures business with its professional credo, ‘patient's first’ – a product that has been the enhanced through a cumulative experience spanning more than two decades in ensuring quality healthcare. Hence, this gives impetus to a steadfast vision, inspired mission, and a long-lasting set of values in every medical, clinal and commercial undertakings.

On Target rooted by its tagline, “Speed. Accuracy. Integrity”. commits itself to enhancing lives and enriching lifestyle of more people through its diagnostic and clinical services since its conception on November 20, 2021 and as incorporated on July 11, 2022. The Company continues the promise of sustainable, professional, and responsible services with centers of distinction gathering the best of life.

The Company gears to be a one-stop hub in providing an effective tool in patients’ medical and clinical wellness. The Company, through accurate and professional diagnosis empowered by a unique customer architecture and world-class standard, climbs to participate in the crusade of preventing and curing of diseases.

The medical and clinal team of On Target are committed in the provision of patient’s comprehensive assessment and health management on both seasonal or Annual Physical Exam (A.P.E.) and basic medical needs of its clientele. The Company also centers its business with professional and honest diagnostics for Overseas Filipino Workers (OFW), mainly the Seafarers before onboarding to ensure work fitness and the world-renowned Filipino marine performance. Multinational companies and other institutions are the secondary market of the Company. Overall, On Target will also provide the best possible foresight in referring to specialists and other medical exams when needed.

The Company aims to provide wide-ranging medical care services along with a bandwidth of laboratory tests, a list of available and competent specialist and provide medical services based on the local and international standards.

On Target Healthcare and Diagnostics, Inc. is registered under the Securities and Exchange Commission: July 11, 2022 and Bureau of Internal Revenue: October 14, 2022. On Target is a proud compliant with all mandated requirements set by all government agencies focused on healthcare and diagnostics.

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Our Mission and Vision

The professional people behind On Target Healthcare and Diagnostics Inc. ensures business with its professional credo, ‘patient’s first’ – a product that has been the enhanced through a cumulative experience spanning more than two decades in ensuring quality healthcare. Hence, this gives impetus to a steadfast vision, inspired mission, and a long-lasting set of values in every medical, clinal and commercial undertakings.


To be the preferred holistic medical and diagnostic hub in the Philippines by 2027 located in key major progressive port and marine cities.


To provide an avenue of improving quality of life through healthcare services aligned with world-class standards and empowered by patient-centered environment.

Our Core Values

We focus on our Patients

On Target endeavors to understand the needs of patients and their relatives taking the entire process into account, and offer them quality service that surpasses their expectations. The Company aims to extend hospitality and patient-centered customer service and gears to provide the support necessary in sustenance of a healthy life.

We excel towards Patient Safety as Our Main Priority

On Target’s number one priority is to ensure the safety of its clients, core stakeholders, and its employees. The Company ensures no harm due to preventable faults, and fulfills the necessities to avoid such situations. On Target strives to ensure its patients to receive the healthcare services in a safe environment by identifying potential risks in beforehand.

We respect the Rights of Our Patients

On Target knows the importance of establishing open communication and a cultural of mutual understanding complimented by physical and psychological standards. The Company protects patients’ rights with no discrimination or prejudice as we fully abide the law.

We believe in the Power of Teamwork and focus on each other 

Our employees at On Target are the driving power of our corporate performance, change and progress. The Company gives importance to job satisfaction and loyalty to the company. On Target believes in the power of effective and constructive teamwork in an efficient and safe environment in order to achieve commonly benefiting goals. 

The Company strives to engage the full potential of our employees by using education and development opportunities in a sharing environment based on mutual exchange of ideas, information and opinions; and ensure that they assume responsibility against challenges willingly and without giving in. Hence, we support a multidisciplinary work culture in which various disciplines work and enable in harmony.

We are sensitive to the Society and Environment 

On Target prioritizes its sensitivity to the medical needs of the society as it strives in providing the best health service to raise the quality of life. The Company determines and minimizes the impact of its operations to the environment so to protect natural resources. This is seen through the waste management and material recovery facilities of On Target.

We use wide-ranging array of Knowledge 

On Target gives importance to medical and clinical facts from scientific journals and bulletins and from reliable news institutions. Decisions of the Company are based on such rather than relying only on intuition, feelings and unfounded stories. On Target continually does researches, in-depth analyzations, and utilizes years of studies in medical and scientific ways. 

We always seek the Better 

On Target values the creative potential of every individual and the exponential energy of teamwork. The Company sees these as a driving force behind the innovative and ingenious power of an institution most specially on research, and with process and organizational improvement.

We forge Relationships based on Trust and Lawfulness

On Target adheres and respects the rule of law. It values the ethical standards of both labor, commercial and medical industries. These are being practices not only within the Company but also with all entities, institutions and persons with whom On Target and its people deal with; The Company strives to establish a long-term relationship which is based on mutual understanding, integrity and respect and which protects goodwill.

Our Brand Promise

The great drive and overflowing interest to deliver accurate results and precise diagnostics to its clients gave birth to On Target. The people behind On Target, among others, also gives impetus to all walks of life, especially the thriving ones with the goal to continue healthy living through precise diagnostics and medical examinations. Needless to say, diagnostics at the most practical and affordable way is what the owners to venture on On Target.

Aside from years of medical experiences, the people of On Target are also experienced in technical, financial, marketing and legal business practices. Such undertakings are enhanced through the research, continuity of profession, culture and tradition imbued integral amidst adaptation and modernization. These are the main tenants of profitable business of On Target.

On-Target as a business and as a brand gear with the following:
ON-time delivery of results and diagnosis;
Tenacity on deliverables and jobs at hand;
Accuracy on procedures and examinations;
Reputable name consistent, both registration and medical practice;
Government Compliant on regulatory benefits, requirements and standards;
Efficient and advanced in the provision of technological equipment; and
Trustworthy with the value of money and time.

Our Customer Architecture


All medical results and diagnostics are conformed with international standard before release or issuance to requesting parties. All tests and machines used are evaluated with environmental considerations integral to every safety standard of the patient and the medical practitioners. 


Clients are given the opportunity to customize the packages or the schedules of testing as long as it conforms to standards, laws and other guidelines thereof.


All services and tests are based on quality delivery vis-à-vis with value for money and time of both the Company and employees, and most importantly, the patient.


All machines, strategies and procedures are updated from a time-bounded strategic and period calibration through trainings and tune-up activities. 


All information and results of our clients, both companies and patients will remain confidential and abiding to all laws thereof for data privacy and medical practice.